Japanese Introductory 11 has been developed to offer an opportunity for students who did not begin Japanese in the elementary grades to enter Japanese at the secondary level. It is an intensive course, designed to cover essential learning standards from Grades 5 to 10 in an accelerated time frame in order to prepare students for Japanese 11. In addition to learning to read, write, and speak in Japanese, the course will also include the study of the customs and culture of Japanese people living both in Japan and Canada.

Topics to be covered in the course:

-Japanese writing systems: Hiragana and Katakana

-School life: Basic classroom commands, subject names, objects names, etc.

-Food: How to order food, Japanese food names, likes and dislikes

-Personal/family information: How to introduce yourself/your family members (names, nationality, grade, age, relationships, occupations, etc.)

-Shopping: How to ask for help, Japanese money, how to ask the price, etc.

-Sports/hobbies: Sports names, how to state one’s hobby, how to describe one’s capability in sports, etc.

-Daily activities: How to tell time, days of the week, how to state one’s schedule, basic verbs and time expressions, transportations

The final course of the Japanese program at Killarney Secondary School.